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    DisplayMate Portable USB Editions    
Just Plug it in -- Launches Automatically -- No Installation
Read the Outstanding USB Edition Reviews Below

DisplayMate Portable USB Editions

  DisplayMate USB Editions will run automatically without installation on all 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, and XP  
The world's most advanced display calibration and optimization software is now a tiny and inexpensive portable display laboratory.
  The USB Editions are not only the latest and most advanced versions of DisplayMate but they don't cost any more so the USB Drive is Free.  

    Just plug any DisplayMate Portable USB Edition into any Windows PC and DisplayMate will launch automatically and generate a complete set of DisplayMate's famous proprietary test patterns with expert advice and guidance for monitor, projector and HDTV set up, calibration, check up, testing, evaluation, and optimization.
    These Enhanced Special Portable Editions come on a tiny custom DisplayMate USB Thumb Drive and run automatically without any installation procedure. They are designed specifically for running from a custom DisplayMate USB Drive and include a special enhanced user interface.
    Extremely portable. Great for end users with more than one PC or who want to take it to a friend's house to calibrate their HDTV. Great for Techs calibrating monitors, projectors and HDTVs directly from their client's PCs in addition to their own Laptops, as well as company IS departments that support large numbers of PCs, monitors and projectors.
    Nothing is copied or written to any drive on a PC, so it's easy to use and won't leave anything behind on the computers that you run it on. As a result the USB Editions are perfect for using on client's or friend's PCs because they don't modify or tamper with the computer's Operating System, File System, or Window's Registry.
    The DisplayMate USB Drives have about 2GB of extra storage space that you can use for other applications.
DisplayMate USB Editions run in XP Mode on 64-bit Windows 7 systems.
DisplayMate USB Editions run on Apple Macs, Linux, Unix Workstations using these Emulators
Enhanced Portable USB Editions are now available for the following DisplayMate Products:     Click to Order DisplayMate
DisplayMate for Windows   -   our most popular Consumer and End User Product
DisplayMate for Windows Video Edition   -   an Upgrade for HDTVs, Projectors and Multimedia Displays
DisplayMate Multimedia Edition   -   for Advanced Professional Applications
DisplayMate Multimedia with Calibration and Test Photos Edition   -   for Advanced Calibration
DisplayMate Multimedia with Motion Bitmaps Edition   -   for Response Time, Motion Blur and Artifacts
DisplayMate Multimedia Edition for Mobile Displays and Projectors   -   for All Mobile Devices

USB Editions Support:
Automatic Launch:     Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
One Click to Launch:     Windows Me and Windows 2000

Read these Outstanding Reviews for the DisplayMate on USB Editions:
"We've tested DisplayMate Multimedia on USB and we loved it!
It's the best DisplayMate ever made and it's totally portable.
This is absolutely a must for any AV Tech's tool box!"
Gary Kayye,   Publisher of the Audio Video rAVe Newsletters

"The new USB based DisplayMate is a superb tool for the commercial and home theater calibration technician that is portable, affordable, and best of all accurate. Well done!"
Alan C. Brawn,   Director of ISF Commercial

"If you strive for perfection, use the same software that the manufacturers use to adjust their TV sets: DisplayMate. DisplayMate tests your TV's performance in many different areas and makes it easy to optimize settings that will deliver the best possible picture."
  Getting the Best Picture on Your HDTV - Your Digital Living Room, Special Section, January 7, 2008

"DisplayMate on USB is the easiest version of DisplayMate that I've ever worked with. The USB Drive is a great convenience."
Alfred Poor,   HDTV Resource Center

"A premier test suite for both home and professional use, DisplayMate has always been a superb and effective tool. The new DisplayMate USB version is even easier to use. The Multimedia on USB Edition is particularly useful for technicians evaluating a customer's PC or for IT departments that need to support a large number of PCs, with numerous innovative suites of proprietary DisplayMate test patterns." Highly Recommended
Ron LaFon,   Cadalyst Magazine

  "For over 15 years, I have relied on DisplayMate as a key part of the tests I have done on any display, as a brand owner and marketeer, as a reviewer and as an industry analyst. During this time, the product has always evolved to draw attention to new aspects of display performance. DisplayMate on USB makes it convenient as well!"
Bob Raikes,   Publisher of Display Monitor Market Research Newsletters

"The new DisplayMate Multimedia on USB is the best version of DisplayMate yet. Everyone that I've shown it to has been very impressed with its simplicity and versatility. Plus I'm thrilled with the portability that it provides. It's a brilliant package and goes great with my notebook's HDMI capability, converting it into a video test pattern generator that is much more versatile than devices costing a lot more."
G. Alan Brown,   President of CinemaQuest, Inc.

"I am duly impressed. Those who have come to rely on the various versions of DisplayMate for evaluating and setting up displays over the years will be delighted with the new USB versions. DisplayMate's claim to fame has always been its deceptive simplicity, with many of the test patterns cleverly designed to provide sensitive results using only the user's eyes for instrumentation. With the USB versions, things get even simpler. Plug in the DisplayMate USB drive and the program runs, generating test patterns for the exact pixel format of your display, be it monitor, projector, or TV. The software requires no installation or registration. It just runs, and it leaves no footprint on your computer when you remove it. To run it on another computer/display combination, just plug it in. That's the great thing about DisplayMate USB: It just works, while managing to conceal the sophisticated understandings of display operation and human perception on which it is based behind a simple and familiar interface."
Ken Werner,   Senior Analyst of Insight Media Display Industry News, Analysis and Publications

"DisplayMate has been part of Maximum PC's hardware-testing arsenal for years, and now that the entire series of display evaluation scripts comes on a handy USB key, we love the utility that much more. We're constantly rebuilding and reformatting our test beds, so it saves us time and hassle to be able to plug the DisplayMate USB key into any system--no installation required!"
Katherine Stevenson,   Deputy Editor of Maximum PC

Bill Machrone : Contributing Editor of PC Magazine
"I've plugged DisplayMate on USB into every computer in the house that has any kind of display adjustability. And now I have to say that we are a very well adjusted family! I also ran it on an Alienware notebook computer with DVI output and used a DVI-to-HDMI cable to examine my 50-inch Sony Bravia LCD microdisplay TV. I had used two different commercial setup packages (one terrible, one pretty good) previously, but was able to tweak a bit more performance out of it with DisplayMate. It still has the expected black compression, but I was able to lessen it a bit without compromising the overall black level or blowing out the whites. I'm actually impressed that the set did as well as it did, but DisplayMate confirmed that it's a solid performer at an affordable price. Thank you for the opportunity to test DisplayMate on USB. It brings video testing to a whole new level of convenience."

Bill O'Brien : Contributing Editor of Computer Shopper; Computerworld and CMP Media
"It works too well, or is that easy? DisplayMate on USB is a delicious mix of technology and simplicity that is easily a must-have tool for reviewers and IT managers. Not to downplay the quality of the tests provided (they are as comprehensive and revealing as always --and that is as expected, considering the source), but just the time savings alone in being able to plug and play (it works under Vista!!!!!) and not having to clean up afterwards is a dream come true when dealing with multiple displays if you just need to go from desk to desk. You could try to get this back from me but you'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands to do so."

Scott Mueller : Author of Upgrading and Repairing PCs, Laptops, Windows, and other books
"DisplayMate on USB is very impressive! This is something that all technicians, videophiles, and even game enthusiasts should have. The USB version is even more portable and easier to use than a CD, and I especially love the fact that you don't have to install anything, it just runs. The included tests automatically scale to practically any display mode and resolution, which makes it easy to adjust and tweak displays for optimum performance. It is especially useful for comparing and evaluating different displays as well."

Comments from other Reviewers:
"This is great! Just plug in and it works. Too easy!"

"Wonderful Software!!!
DisplayMate on a USB Drive is simply a wonderful idea!!!
I'm so very impressed with its ease of use. Wow! Excellent!"

"The DisplayMate on USB is AWESOME.
It is the perfect tool for an engineer or tech, you can have it in your kit and try out any display and then walk away. This was a great idea."

"Very nice. I am surprised by how savvy the program is, where it knows everything about the setup and resolution and then generates all the files appropriately in such a nice manner."

"DisplayMate on USB is very slick indeed, and very simple to use.
It worked very smoothly as expected. Well done!"

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