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    DisplayMate Multimedia with Test Photos Edition    
Our Most Advanced Product with Calibration Photos for Professional Users
For all 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, and XP and XP Mode on 64-bit Windows 7

Product Photo DisplayMate Multimedia with Test Photos Edition is an enhanced version of the standard Multimedia Edition that adds a very carefully chosen set of very high quality high resolution photographs for calibrating, testing, evaluating, and tweaking monitors, projectors and HDTVs, automatically scaled to the native resolution of the display. It has everything in the standard Multimedia Edition including all of its 500+ test patterns up through 4100 x 4100 resolution.   Read these Outstanding Reviews of DisplayMate from Top Publications

Great for producing all types of continuously running Demos, Presentations, and Shoot-Outs using DisplayMate Scripts that can automate everything within the Multimedia Editions. Use any combination of test patterns and photos. DisplayMate will even automatically generate the Scripts for you from your interactive selection of the test patterns and test photos that you choose.

DisplayMate Multimedia Edition Sample Test Photos
Sample Selection of DisplayMate Multimedia Calibration and Test Photos
DisplayMate Multimedia Edition Sample Test Patterns
Small Sample of Color and Gray Scale Test Patterns

Calibration and Test Photos Information

The DisplayMate Calibration and Test Photos are very carefully chosen set of very high quality high resolution photographs. Some of the DisplayMate photos are designed to challenge a display, while others are there to check the overall color and gray-scale accuracy, and still others to help in the final calibration and visual tweaking to get the color balance of a monitor, projector or HDTV as perfect as possible.

  • There are 35 Photographs arranged in six categories:
    Faces with a wide range of skin tones and complexions are the best method for adjusting or evaluating subtle issues in color accuracy.
    Colorful Outdoor Scenes have a wide range of colorful content for examining bright and colorful scenes.
    Scenes with Absolute Color References have components with absolute color references to help check absolute color accuracy.
    Reduced or Subdued Lighting are excellent for evaluating the color and intensity reproduction in reduced or subdued lighting.
    Smooth Intensity Gradients are excellent for checking on irregular intensity scales and false contouring.
    Dim or Dark Images are excellent for checking or adjusting shadow detail and the very dark end of the intensity scale.

  • All of the photographs are copyrighted and are used under license or with the permission of the photographer.

Additional Product Information

Hardware and Operating Systems

  • The Multimedia with Test Photos Edition supports all resolutions up through 4100 x 4100, all screen shapes and aspect ratios including landscape, portrait, and HDTV 16:9, up to a super-wide maximum of 3.3, and all color modes from monochrome up through full 24-bit or 32-bit color.

  • DisplayMate runs on any video board and monitor supported by Windows. Automatically configures itself to run under all 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows'95/98/Me, and Windows NT/2000.

  • DisplayMate runs on all 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP.
    DisplayMate runs in XP Mode on 64-bit Windows 7 systems.

  • DisplayMate runs on Apple, Linux, and Unix workstations using these Emulators

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