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    Custom Versions of DisplayMate    
Order Specialized DisplayMate products instead of the Retail Versions

Customized Abbreviated or Expanded Versions with Your Company Logo:
DisplayMate Technologies can produce customized versions of any DisplayMate product to meet your company's specific requirements and provides Consulting Services in all areas of video technology. Custom versions can be either much smaller abbreviated versions of any DisplayMate product or can be larger expanded versions with specialized or advanced capabilities. Any customized product can include your company logo, contact information and explanatory text.

Special Versions of DisplayMate:
Note that the in-house versions of DisplayMate that are the source for custom versions are more advanced and comprehensive than the standard retail DisplayMate products. It's also the best way to gain early access to the next generation tests in our most advanced products.

Variety of Product Templates and Formats to Choose From:
Custom versions can be based on a variety of different product templates and formats that we have developed. Automatic timers and command scripting are also available for maximum versatility.

Contact Us for More Information or a Quote:
For further information or a quotation please contact us via the Contact Information section below.

Examples of Customized Versions

  • Custom Test Patterns Designed
    to meet your specified requirements or applications.
    We will design, tune, test and document the custom patterns.

  • Custom Sets of Test Patterns
    compiled for any specific application or need.
    Choose from our extensive 500+ test pattern library.

  • Strategic Test Patterns for Sales and Marketing Demonstrations
    that show the relative strengths and weaknesses among competing products or display technologies. Show your strengths and your competition's weaknesses to dealers and customers.

  • Custom OEM and Bundled Versions
    for including DisplayMate with computer systems, monitors, video boards, video projectors, other displays and video hardware. Maximize performance, improve customer satisfaction and reduce returns and technical support calls.

  • Custom Information Screens
    that can include your own customized user instructions and advice plus technical, sales and marketing information.

  • DisplayMate Set Up Patterns
    include only the screens needed for setting up the controls on a particular display or display technology.

  • Abbreviated Versions of DisplayMate
    that offer a smaller selected set of test patterns for specialized applications.

  • Trade Show, Dealer and Sales Rep Versions
    for showing off video hardware to prospective customers or for dealer recruitment and training.

  • LCD, DMD/DLP, LCoS, Flat Panel, and Proprietary Display Versions
    that include test patterns for the specific requirements of any type of display or display technology.
    We can design and select the set of test patterns.

  • Field Service, Repair Depot, and Assembly Line Versions
    for efficiently testing and adjusting any video hardware.

  • Special Applications
    such as medical and document imaging.

  • Special Hardware Configurations and Software Drivers
    for proprietary video systems.

Contact Information

You can contact DisplayMate Technologies in any of the following ways:
Our Office Hours are 9am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

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