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    DisplayMate Technologies Consulting Services    
For Corporate users, Manufacturers, OEMs, Test Labs, Service Facilities

Confidential Advanced Display Testing and Optimization for Display and Device Manufacturers
DisplayMate Technologies specializes in advanced display Lab testing with our proprietary instrumentation and sophisticated scientific and mathematical display analysis for state-of-the-art strategic comparisons and optimization of displays and their performance in our world-class Display Test Lab. These articles are a lite introductory analysis for general consumer audiences. We provide very advanced display testing, objective comparisons with competing products, and our expert analysis and recommendations for improving prototype and production display performance on a confidential NDA basis for manufacturers for product engineering and marketing. If you are a display or product manufacturer and want to improve display performance to out-perform your competition then Contact DisplayMate Technologies.

Consult with the Creator of the DisplayMate Standard:
As the worldwide leader in Video Diagnostics, DisplayMate Technologies can provide your company with unequaled expert video consulting services in display and video technology. Whether you are a manufacturer, test lab, service facility, or end-user with advanced or basic applications, we are ready to help you.

Special Versions of DisplayMate:
Note that the in-house versions of DisplayMate that we use for consulting work are more advanced and comprehensive than the standard retail DisplayMate products. It's the best way to see the next generation versions of our most advanced products.


Our consulting operations are lead by Dr. Raymond Soneira, the developer of DisplayMate, an internationally recognized research scientist with a distinguished career in physics, computer science, and television system design. Dr. Soneira obtained his Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University, spent 5 years as a Long-Term Member of the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, another 5 years as a Principal Investigator in the Computer Systems Research Laboratory at AT&T Bell Laboratories, and over 4 years designed, tested, and installed color television broadcast equipment for the CBS Television Network Engineering and Development Department. He has authored over 35 research articles in scientific journals in physics and computer science, including Scientific American.

Consulting Services

Some of the areas that DisplayMate Technologies can help are shown here.
For further information or a quotation please contact us via the Contact Information section below.

For Corporate End Users

  • Performing display and video board evaluations and testing
  • Running shoot-out comparisons for video hardware purchases
  • Preparing specifications for video product contracts
  • Analyzing image and picture quality performance issues for video and imaging applications
  • Briefings, Consultations, On-Site Demos and Workshops

For Manufacturers and OEMs

  • Over 200 publications use DisplayMate for editorial testing and lab reviews.
    We'll tell you beforehand how your product is likely to be reviewed and compared.
  • Testing, evaluation and analysis of new display technologies
  • Strategic comparisons between competing video products that uncover their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Pre-launch evaluations of video products for manufacturers
  • Performing evaluations of video hardware for OEMs
  • Compatibility testing and resolving video compatibility and performance problems
  • Briefings, Consultations, On-Site Demos and Workshops

For Video Operations Centers

  • Setting up a service center using DisplayMate
  • Setting up a test center using DisplayMate
  • Setting up a manufacturing or Q&A facility using DisplayMate
  • Briefings, Consultations, On-Site Demos and Workshops

Contact Information

You can contact DisplayMate Technologies in any of the following ways:
Our Office Hours are 9am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

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