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    Upgrade Information    
You can place your order Online, or by Phone, Email, or Mail

General Information

All Registered owners of DisplayMate are eligible for Upgrades to All DisplayMate products.

  • You can Register your current product when ordering an Upgrade.

  • All Upgrades require the Serial Number of your current product:
    • For products that include a Manual the Serial Number is on the inside cover.
    • For Internet Download Editions the Serial Number is included in the ordering documentation that you received.
    • For products on CD-ROM the Serial Number is on the back of the case.
    • For DisplayMate for DOS and DisplayMate Professional for DOS the Serial Number is near the top right side of the opening screen in early versions and on the inside cover of the Manual in later versions.

  • Upgrades from DisplayMate for Windows 1.0 to Version 1.2x and to the Video Edition use the current Manual and ship with only a CD or by Email Attachment.

  • Shipping by Email Attachment is available for Upgrades that do not require a printed Manual.


All prices are in US Dollars.

Upgrade from DisplayMate 1.1 for DOS to:
  • DisplayMate Professional 1.2 $129
  • DisplayMate for Windows 1.2 $59
  • DisplayMate for Windows 1.2 Video Edition $79
Upgrade from DisplayMate Professional to:
  • DisplayMate for Windows 1.2 $59
  • DisplayMate for Windows 1.2 Video Edition $79
  • DisplayMate Professional 1.2 $49
Upgrade from DisplayMate for Windows to:
  • DisplayMate 1.1 for DOS $129
  • DisplayMate Professional 1.2 $229
  • DisplayMate for Windows 1.2 $19
  • DisplayMate for Windows 1.2 Video Edition $39
Upgrade from DisplayMate for Windows 1.2 to:
  • DisplayMate for Windows 1.2 Video Edition $29

Place an Upgrade Order   Click to Order DisplayMate

Ordering Details

DisplayMate Technologies sells DisplayMate Upgrades directly and ships worldwide.
Some upgrades are available via immediate internet or Email delivery with no shipping charges.

  • All DisplayMate products come with a 30-day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

  • Orders received prior to 1pm Eastern Time are generally shipped the same day.
    Air shipments always receive priority.

  • Orders must be prepaid by either Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer.
    • All funds must be in US Dollars.
    • Make checks payable to DisplayMate Technologies Corp.
    • For International Wire Transfers there is a $15 Bank Service Charge that we must pay on receipt which is added to the Invoice. We will Email or Fax the wire transfer instructions.
    • Net 30 terms are available to qualified companies, organizations, and government agencies.

  • Products, prices, and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Shipping Information

Be sure to specify how you would like the product shipped.
All products are shipped from Amherst, New Hampshire USA.

Shipping by Email Attachment is available for all upgrades that do not require a printed Manual.

Representative USA shipping times by UPS Ground are:

  • 1 day:     Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire
  • 2 days:   New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC
  • 3 days:   Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia
  • 4 days:   Florida, Dallas, Denver, Kansas, South Dakota
  • 5 days:   California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona
Federal Express and UPS Next Day and Second Day Air are also available. See below.

International Shipments:

  • Air Mail packages are typically delivered within 7 days.
  • International Priority Mail is available to over 60 countries.
  • International Express Mail packages are typically delivered to major cities within 3 days.
  • Allow additional time for Customs clearance and local delivery.
  • UPS and Federal Express packages arrive on a well defined timetable.
    They may charge additional brokers fees for getting through Customs.
  • Prices shown in a range, such as 30-40, depend on the particular country or city.

Virtually all International delivery problems are due to delays in Customs. They may fail to notify you of the package arrival. If a package is overdue it is often sitting in Customs awaiting a signature or payment of duty. Please contact your customs office if your package is overdue.

Shipping Costs

When you order more than a single product, you pay only a small fraction of the shipping costs listed below for each additional product.
All prices are in US Dollars.

UPS Ground                      9 
UPS 3-Day                      19 
UPS Second Day Air PM          25 
UPS Next Day Air  3:00 PM      59 
UPS Next Day Air 10:30 AM      65 

UPS Ground and 3-Day service are not available to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, where Air rates are somewhat higher than above. Rates for Air shipping to remote addresses may be higher.
Canada First Class Air Mail 14 International Priority Mail 29 International Express Mail 39

Federal Express to Canada 40-69 remote addresses may be higher
All Other Countries First Class Air Mail 19 International Priority Mail 39 International Express Mail 59

Federal Express to Asia 50-79 remote addresses may be higher Federal Express to Europe 50-79 remote addresses may be higher

Order Desk

You can place your Upgrade Order in any of the following ways:
Our Office Hours are 9am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

  • Place a Online Upgrade Order   Click to Order DisplayMate

  • Call our USA and Canada Toll-Free Order Line:   800-932-6323

  • Call our International Order Line:   603-672-8500

  • Email Upgrade Orders to:

  • Mail Upgrade Orders to:
    DisplayMate Technologies Corporation
    Sales Department
    PO Box 550
    Amherst NH 03031

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