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    DisplayMate for DOS Features    

Product Photo DisplayMate for DOS is a comprehensive video system hardware diagnostic that tests every aspect of the computer's video system including: monitor, video board hardware and registers, Video BIOS, and Video Data Areas. It is not as advanced or powerful as DisplayMate Professional for DOS, our top-of-the-line utility, which supports high-resolution SuperVGA modes, enhanced documentation and report generation, and Command Scripts to automate the program execution. The DOS environment is necessary in order to test the video hardware directly, but it can launch from Windows.


DisplayMate for DOS shows how to set up, tune-up, test, evaluate, and adjust video displays and adapters for optimum image quality, performance, comfort, and productivity.

  • Separate test tracks for Technical and Non-Technical users
  • Automatic Help Facility provides prompt screens to explain each test
  • Over 125 Help screens in all

  • Fully automatic built-in Demo for shows and tutorials
  • Menu programming capability allows automated or unattended test runs
  • Run any of the available 300+ tests in any of the 22 supported PC video modes

  • Available on Floppy Disk or CD:
    Quantity 1 Price with Printed Manual is $149.   Click to Buy DisplayMate

Display Tests

  • Set Up screens to help you properly set up your display and keep it adjusted
  • Video Obstacle Course™ provides a standard set of tough hurdles for displays
  • 200+ visual test patterns examine: Geometry and Distortion, Resolution and Sharpness, Color and Gray-Scale, Text and Fonts
  • Interactive Screen Distortion Measurement

Adapter Tests

  • 100+ Hardware Diagnostic Tests functionally check the adapter
  • Video Modes Test Suite thoroughly checks each video mode
  • Register and Adapter Compatibility Tests check internal operation
  • Measures flicker / refresh rate, scan frequencies and timings
  • 16 automatic Speed Performance Measurements for every mode

Video BIOS Tests

  • Video System Configuration and Compatibility Tests
  • Video System Hardware Information
  • Video Mode Information (Technical Program)
  • Video Data Area Information (Technical Program)

Reference Manual

  • 384-page encyclopedia filled with practical information on video technology
  • Clear and comprehensive documentation on how to use the software

  • Everything You Need to Know About Video Systems includes chapters on: Video Display System Basics, VDT Safety, Maximizing Comfort and Productivity, Selecting a Video System, and Maintaining Your Display. Also includes a general video system trouble shooting guide

  • BYTE Magazine called the DisplayMate Manual "outstanding," PC Magazine called it "excellent," Windows Magazine said the manual was "superb." The New York Times called it the "best" computer manual ever.

Hardware and Operating Systems

  • Runs on all PC compatible systems from the original IBM PC with an 8088 processor up though the latest Pentium and compatible processors.

  • Supports the following video boards: MDA, CGA, EGA, MCGA, and VGA. Also supports Hercules Monochrome and InColor boards.

  • Runs under DOS versions 2.0 or later and under DOS emulation modes in Windows XP, Windows'95/98/Me, Windows NT/2000, Windows 3.1x, and OS/2

List of Tests and Test Patterns

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