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    DisplayMate Multimedia with Motion Edition    
Our Most Advanced Product for Professional Users
For all 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows'95/98/Me, and Windows NT/2000
The Motion Engine can only run under Windows'95/98/Me

Product Photo DisplayMate Multimedia with Motion Edition is an enhanced version of the standard Multimedia Edition with the addition of a full-screen test pattern Motion Engine for evaluating motion artifacts in LCD, Plasma, DLP, LCoS, and other flat panel monitors and projectors. The Motion Engine moves all of the test patterns in a perfectly smooth and uniform motion encompassing the entire screen at the full video frame rate without any jumps, skips or stops. As a pattern moves off-screen additional copies of the image come into view so the test pattern continues to be seen full-screen.

This is a unique, highly advanced, and highly specialized product for manufacturers and test labs. The motion is accomplished by controlling special hardware within the video board and the Motion Engine can only run under Windows'98/95/Me. The non-motion part of the product runs on all versions of Windows exactly like the standard Multimedia Edition.

Click for Sample DisplayMate CRT-LCD Motion Photos   Click on the thumbnail for sample DisplayMate CRT-LCD Motion Photos.

Motion Engine Features

  • The Motion Engine supports simultaneous digital DVI and analog VGA outputs.

  • The motion can be executed in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions and at varying speeds.

  • The motion can be one-shot, repeating or with incrementally increasing speeds.

  • The motion can be initiated manually, selected to run automatically, or executed from within a Command Script.

  • A sample Motion Demo Script is included to demonstrate motion artifacts.

  • The recommended Matrox Millennium video boards generate NTSC and PAL composite and S-video signals and can be used to test for motion artifacts in TVs.

  • All features, functionality, capabilities and test patterns in the standard Multimedia Edition are included in the Multimedia with Motion Edition.

Additional Product Information

  • The Multimedia with Motion Edition includes all of the features, functionality, capabilities, and test patterns in the standard Multimedia Edition.
    Click here to see the features of the standard Multimedia Edition

  • Click for Sample DisplayMate Screen Shots   Click here for Sample DisplayMate Screen Shots    

  • The Multimedia with Motion Edition comes with comprehensive electronic documentation including custom Test Information Screens for each test pattern, an extensive and detailed Windows Help for DisplayMate, a Script Reference Manual, 11 sample Scripts, and 2 ReadMe Documentation and Information Files.

  • Available on CD and via Email Attachment:
    Quantity 1 Price on CD is $795   Click to Buy DisplayMate
    Quantity 1 Price for electronic delivery via Email Attachment is $795   Click to Buy DisplayMate

Hardware and Operating Systems

  • The Motion Engine will only work on Matrox Millennium series video boards running under Windows'95/98/Me. These restrictions arise because the motion is implemented in special onboard hardware and Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/2000 don't allow the needed access. We recommend the Matrox G400, G450 and G550 Millennium boards. See the Matrox Millennium G Series available directly from Matrox via

  • When the Motion Engine is not used, this version of DisplayMate will run on any video board and any version of Windows, the same as the standard Multimedia Edition.

Screen Shots and List of Test Patterns

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