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    Apple iPhone 4 Corrected Comparison Images    

This page will include sets of images and photos that have been mathematically processed with the DisplayMate Optimizer to correct most of the color and imaging errors on each smartphone. By doing A-B visual comparisons with the original images and photos you can see for yourself what the problems and issues are.

To see the true results you will need to use the same smartphone. If you use a different smartphone or a computer monitor you can still get an idea of what the color and imaging corrections are, but you will be seeing them through a different display, which has its own unique and different set of calibrations and imaging issues.

To really appreciate the results you should have two or more of the smartphones, then compare them side-by-side to see how different the original images appear, and then compare the corrected images to see how close they finally look. Even better, if you have a good quality calibrated HDTV or computer monitor, compare the before and after smartphone images to the originals on the HDTV or monitor as the reference. If you do this you are performing a mini version of one of our Shoot-Outs. Normally we do this with a large library of photos and test patterns. Here we can only do a few of each.

The imaging corrections are done with a mathematical model of the display based on the measurement data together with a mathematical model of a perfect display. We use the models to mathematically transform the pixel luminance and chromaticity values of the display being tested into those needed for a perfect display. Manufacturers instead currently use ad hoc signal processing to perform their factory development and calibrations, which is why the results are so inaccurate, variable, and mediocre.

Normally the DisplayMate Adaptive Variable Metric Display Optimizer increases calibrated brightness, effective contrast ratio, color accuracy, and picture quality all at the same time. Here we are correcting the displayís internal processing and calibration problems externally by modifying the image files instead of directly controlling and driving the display internally. The results therefore canít be as good and we can't enhance the brightness or achieve the same picture quality, accuracy and freedom from artifacts. For the best results we can also mathematically optimize the display's optical parameters as well. If you are a display or product manufacturer and want to learn more Contact DisplayMate Technologies.

It will take us a few days to roll out the optimized images for all of the smartphones. If you want us to Email you an availability update then enter your Email address below.

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