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    DisplayMate ISF Edition Features    
A State-of-the-Art Video Utility Designed for both Novice and Expert Users
For all 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows'95/98/Me, and Windows NT/2000

Product Photo DisplayMate ISF Edition is a highly acclaimed video utility for setting up, tuning up, calibrating, evaluating, and testing any CRT, LCD, or Plasma monitor, projector or HDTV to produce the highest image and picture quality possible. DisplayMate is easy to use, assumes no prior video knowledge, and is designed for both video novices and experts alike. The ISF Edition includes a special set of test patterns that are used for setting up CRT, LCD, Plasma, DLP and LCoS projectors, monitors, multimedia displays, TVs and HDTVs, where color calibration is especially important. See the list of special test patterns below.

And unlike all other setup or calibration products, DisplayMate automatically runs at the true native resolution of any display, projector or HDTV, even for non-standard resolutions like 1366 x 768. In fact, the ISF Edition will run at ANY Resolution up through 2048 x 2048. There are no preset Resolutions and Aspect Ratios or test patterns reconstituted from fixed stored bitmaps. DisplayMate instead uses advanced state-of-the-art scale-free mathematical equations to generate the test patterns real-time for your exact display so they are extremely precise and accurate.

DisplayMate Sample Test Patterns
A Small Subset of Color and Gray Scale Test Patterns from the DisplayMate ISF Edition

The ISF Edition supports digital DVI and HDMI in addition to analog VGA, Component Video, S-Video and Composite Video. Virtually all of the latest digital HDTVs, monitors, and projectors now connect automatically to any Windows 7, Vista or XP PC with DVI or HDMI outputs. Most DisplayMate test patterns are designed for visual evaluation and adjustments but there are also many test patterns designed for use with Instrumentation like Spectroradiometers, Color Analyzers, Photometers, Waveform Monitors, and Oscilloscopes.

Run DisplayMate from your Laptop and you have a very powerful and inexpensive portable digital display laboratory. Don't spend thousands of dollars for test signal generators that have a small set of outdated 30-year old generic test patterns, when DisplayMate offers a much larger and more powerful set of innovative and proprietary test patterns, and costs substantially less. Virtually all of the latest digital HDTVs, monitors, and projectors now connect automatically to any Windows 7, Vista or XP PC with DVI or HDMI outputs, so you can use DisplayMate to work on any digital display or digital HDTV technology. Read these Outstanding Reviews of DisplayMate from Top Publications


  • Special suites of test patterns for CRT, LCD, Plasma and Flat Panel monitors, projectors and HDTVs.

  • Over 120 test patterns are generated for ANY Screen Resolution and Aspect Ratio. The large library of test patterns will help you deal with any display issue or problem that may arise.

  • DisplayMate works by automatically showing you a slide show of specialized test pattern images. Novice, Express, Standard, and Complete Programs allow you to configure the program according to your needs and interests.

  • Most test patterns are designed for visual evaluation and adjustments. There are also many test patterns designed for use with instrumentation like spectroradiometers, color analyzers, photometers, waveform monitors, and oscilloscopes.

  • Each test pattern comes with a detailed "Description" that explains "What To Look For" and includes detailed step-by-step instructions on "What You Can Do" to improve the image and picture quality.

  • DisplayMate supports all Resolutions up through 2048 x 2048. This includes portrait and landscape modes, including widescreen HDTV modes. Note that there are no predefined resolutions or geometries so any resolution and aspect ratio is possible because all DisplayMate test patterns are generated real-time from scale-free mathematical equations.

  • The ISF Edition comes with comprehensive electronic documentation including custom Test Information Screens for each test pattern, an extensive and detailed Windows Help File for DisplayMate, and a ReadMe Documentation and Information File. There is an optional Printed Manual.

    Click for Sample DisplayMate Screen Shots   Click here for Sample DisplayMate Screen Shots    

      To use DisplayMate to calibrate your HDTV you'll need to connect it to a Windows PC. Fortunately, that's now pretty easy. Once you do this your HDTV will show your Windows Desktop and can then function as a giant PC Monitor so you can watch all of your applications on the HDTV.
    Click here for information on calibrating your HDTV with DisplayMate

    The ISF Edition is provided on a DisplayMate USB Drive
    Just Plug it in - Launches Automatically - No Installation
    Click here for information on the USB Drive Editions    
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    Quantity 1 Price on a USB Drive is $129   Click to Buy DisplayMate
    Optional Printed Manual is $10   Click to Buy DisplayMate

Set Up Program
  • Leads you through a programmed precision set up procedure to adjust every control on your monitor and video board to its optimum value. Provides lots of expert help and advice on improving image and picture quality. Produces top-notch image and picture quality right away.

  • Check your video system with the Video Obstacle Course™, a collection of the most demanding and difficult images your monitor will ever have to display.
Tune-Up Program
  • Designed to further improve image and picture quality by enhancing and optimizing all of the video parameters through expert manipulation of monitor and video board controls.

  • Selections for Geometry and Distortion, Sharpness and Resolution, Color and Gray-Scale, Screen Pixel Resolution and Miscellaneous Effects.
Color Explore and Match
  • A Color Explore screen lets you experiment and play with the full range of colors available on your system using 4 different color models: RGB, HSB, HSL, and CMYK.

  • A Color Matching capability for both reflective and transmissive samples provides 3 independent panels and 4 color models.

Special Test Patterns in the ISF Edition

The ISF Edition includes a special set of test patterns that are used for setting up CRT, LCD, Plasma, DLP and LCoS projectors, TVs and HDTVs, Plasma and multimedia displays, where color calibration is especially important. It includes the following additional Test Patterns and their associated Test Information Screens:

  • PLUGE Pattern with a Log Gray-Scale and a PLUGE Pattern with a White Bar for setting Black and White levels and checking for Black level shift.

  • Needle Pulse Pattern for checking on blooming and screen regulation distortion.

  • Two variable intensity Window Patterns for adjusting color balance and color tracking.

  • Set Up Crosshatch with center and 5% overscan markings for video projectors, HDTVs and televisions.

  • SMPTE Color Bars instead of EIA style Color Bars, which include reverse blue bars for adjusting color saturation and tint, -I and Q blocks for checking chroma phase and amplitude, and PLUGE stripes for checking the Black-Level.

  • Anamorphic geometric test pattern for adjusting Letterbox 16:9 framing and Aspect Ratio.

  • 5 American National Standards Institute ANSI - IT7.215 test patterns for measuring the Lumen light output and Contrast Ratio of displays and projectors.
Comprehensive Online Help and Information
  • An Expert System and online data base provide detailed instructions and expert advice, custom generated for your system. Each test screen comes with a detailed description that explains What To Look For and includes detailed step-by-step instructions on What You Can Do to improve the appearance of the image.

  • The 110 page printed Manual includes chapters on: the functions of all monitor and video board controls; Windows Video System Parameters; Color Models and Color Matching; Gray-Scale Linearity; Gamma Corrections, and Transfer Functions; and how to extend the life of your display.
Hardware and Operating Systems
  • DisplayMate ISF Edition supports all resolutions up through 2048 x 2048, all screen shapes and aspect ratios including landscape, portrait, and HDTV 16:9, and all color modes from monochrome up through full 24-bit or 32-bit color.

  • DisplayMate runs on any video board and monitor supported by Windows. Automatically configures itself to run under all 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows'95/98/Me, and Windows NT/2000.

  • DisplayMate runs on all 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP.
    To run DisplayMate on 64-bit editions of Windows 7, Vista and XP use the free downloads Microsoft Virtual PC or Sun Microsystems VirtualBox or these Virtual Emulators VMWare Workstation or Parallels Workstation

  • DisplayMate runs on Apple, Linux, and Unix workstations using these Windows Emulators

Screen Shots and List of Test Patterns

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