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    DisplayMate for Apple Macs, Linux, and Unix Workstations    
Using DisplayMate with Other Operating Systems

DisplayMate can be used with Apple Macs, Linux, Unix Workstations, and 64-bit versions of Windows by using Windows emulation software that is widely available. Some of these emulators are free. Emulators are available for both PowerPC and Intel based Macs. Be sure to check emulator compatibility with your particular system.

A large number of non-Windows based manufacturers, test labs, and publications use DisplayMate in this manner. DisplayMate rigorously adheres to the Windows API, so any decent emulator should not have a problem running DisplayMate.

To run DisplayMate, simply install the appropriate Windows emulator and then run DisplayMate from the emulator in the same way as you would on a Windows PC.

Commercial or Open Source Software for Apple Macs, Linux, and Unix

Freeware, Older, Discontinued, or Limited Availability Emulators

Do a web search for:
Connectix Virtual PC
Microsoft Virtual PC
Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac 7.0
Insignia Solutions or FWB Software
SoftWindows or RealPC
Windows Emulators

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